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1x Annual General Maintenance Inspection ($200 Value)


 Your general maintenance inspection is a home consultation. It is designed to be a walkthrough of your home with the mission of looking for defects that a homeowner may not think to look at. This includes accessing areas of the home such as the crawlspace and the attic. Looking for signs of structural movement, leaks, wood rot, and other damage. It is our goal to do our best to help you find issues with your home so they can be addressed before they become a bigger problem. A general maintenance inspection is not a home inspection though and does not come with a full home inspection report. It is a 1 hour visual walkthrough of the home.

1x Foundation or Crawl Space Inspection ($125 Value)


 Your foundation or crawlspace inspection is performed by a foundation expert. This is designed to take a look at your foundation for things such as cracking, shifting, water penetration, fungal growth, and more. As the base of your home, this service is designed to help you monitor and keep your home strong from the footers on up.

1x General Roof Consultation ($100 Value)


 Your general roof consultation is performed by a certified roofing company and roofing technician. The general roof consultation is designed to identify issues with your roof and help monitor and hopefully catch leaks before they develop into major issues. The roofer will check the condition of the shingles, the flashing, the vents and more with the goal of keeping your home’s roof, leak free.

1x Pest Inspection ($60 Value)


When you live in the South, termites are a way of life. It's important to get your home treated or monitored for termite activity. Especially if you don't have a current pest control contract. A licensed Pest Inspector will come and check around your home's foundation for any evidence that these bugs are looking to snack on your home. Keeping on eye out for termites can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in treatment costs and repairs.

1x Visual Mold Inspection ($100 Value)


Fungal and mold growth in the South is common. We live in an area with wet and humid conditions. Treating any areas that pop up before they start to spread can save you a massive headache, literally. Have a specialized remediation company or Home Inspector come check your home for indications of mold.

1x Plumbing System Check Up ($100 Value)


Water leaking from a pipe can cause many problems which include mold and damaged interior walls. These types of issues can come with a big price tag. Keeping in front of these potential issues is important and can save you both time and money. The Plumbing System Check Up is performed by a Licensed Plumber. We want to send out the best professionals to check your property for leaks or potential leaks. That includes loose toilets, damaged fixtures or leaking pipes. Catch the leak in your pipes before it opens up a drain in your wallet.

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1x Moving Services Consultation ($100 Value)


 Your moving services consultation is conducted by a team of moving professionals. Often when you own a home you end up with a closet or room full of home furnishings that you want moved to storage or maybe your garage is getting cluttered. Consult with a team of professional movers to better understand your costs of moving and the discounts you receive for being a valued member of HelpTN.com.

1x Exterior Cleaning Service Consultation ($125 Value)


 Your exterior cleaning service consultation will be completed by a reputable exterior siding, surface, and roof cleaning company. They can give you ideas on the best ways to keep your home’s siding clean. They are extremely knowledgeable and can help you keep your roof shingles, metal roof, or roof tiles clean as well. Finally, walkways and driveways. These can look clean when you do them yourself and then come back very quickly with streaks. Talk to your exterior cleaning specialist for the best results.

1x Painting Consultation ($100 Value)


 Your painting consultation is given by a painting professional. They can help walk you through the process of painting your walls or ceilings a new shade or color completely. As well, they can help you understand baseboard and knee wall coverings, and doors and windows to include frames. Finally, they also do a lot of custom furniture work. So if you have some old furniture you want redone or restored, this is your resource.

1x Fence Company Free Evaluation ($100 Value)


Your fence evaluation is done by a popular local fencing company. They can discuss what options are viable for your yard. No hill, no length of fence can deter them from helping you. They can do wood fencing, vinyl, and metal fencing. Motorized gates are no problem. Let them help you understand what your options are for building that new fence to keep your puppies safely in the back yard.

1x Home Warranty Consultation ($75 Value)


 Your home warranty consultation is designed to help you understand your home warranty needs. Many companies are different. Speak to a certified home warranty professional and understand all the options available to you to protect your largest asset. Appliances, HVAC systems, water heaters and more. Determine how much coverage you need to protect you when an issue arises.

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  • 1x Annual General Maintenance Inspection ($200 Value)
  • 1x Foundation or Crawl Space Inspection ($125 Value)
  • 1x General Roof Consultation ($100 Value)
  • 1x Moving Services Consultation ($100 Value)
  • 1x Exterior Cleaning Service Consultation ($ 100 Value)
  • 1x Painting Consultation ($100 Value)
  • 1x Fence Company Free Evaluation ($100 Value)
  • 1x Pest Inspection ($60 Value)
  • 1x Visual Mold Inspection ($100 Value)
  • 1x Home Warranty Consultation ($75 Value)
  • 1x Plumbing Consultation ($125 Value)

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